Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thinking about the past...

I just saw in my "On This Day" feed on Facebook that today marks two years since my autism journey began! It was then that I had my first part of my assessment. Boy, does time fly.

I still remember the morning of my appointment. To make the day interesting, I discovered that I somehow had gotten a flat tire between the previous day and the current one! Luckily, my appointment want for a few hours. I went to the nearby auto shop and was able to get it plugged. Then, it was off to the doctor's office!

It seems like yesterday I was meeting with my psychologist as he asked me questions. Why I would like to be assessed for Asperger's? What was life lie for me growing up? He also provided me with a couple questionnaires to turn in on my next appointment: two for me to fill out and one for my parents to complete.

I had come prepared; I had brought along a document I had typed, which explained all of the reasons why I had concluded I was on the spectrum. I explained to him how it all started with finding a blog by an Aspie and then doing research. I talked about how this really hit home for me. I told him about how I was always a little different, how I didn't seem to connect with the other kids in early elementary school, and how I wasn't into the same things that "typical" girls were in middle and high school.

He then asked me about my special interests, and of course, we got into talking about Sonic the Hedgehog. Funny moment: he said, "Sonic, that's the groundhog, right?" Lol XD! "Hedgehog," I replied, and then proceeded to show him my Sonic keychain and wallet.

Shortly after, it came time for the appointment to end. I was sent on my way, and told when my next appointment would be. I then checked my tire, which still looked intact, and headed home. I excitedly told my family about my appointment, and how I was anxious to find answers.

I was grateful to have finally begun my quest for the missing piece: the reasons why I did some of the things I did and why I had some of the hurdles I did. It was in part a search for my identity; what made me ME. While always happy with who I was, I wanted to learn more about myself. I guess it's my passion for analyzing everything that had driven that :) Looking back, I'm glad everything fell into place the way it did!