Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween!

What's everyone doing for Halloween? Well, to start the day off on a not-so-great note, my grandma and I went for blood work, which isn't at all an issue in itself...however, add to that the fact that after cleaning out the whole back of my car, my paper order was nowhere to be found. Thus, I wasn't able to get my blood work today. I'll have to call my doctor and have them fax the order over, as I have no clue where in the universe my order is. It's probably wherever my birth certificate is hiding. Gotta love having executive functioning deficits!

I'm now getting my PPD for my new job read, which I meant do do yesterday but totally forgot about until I glanced at my arm late last night. Luckily, I have until 11am today! After that, my grandma and I are going to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Cracker Barrel :) I haven't been there in ages!

Next is a trip to Aldi, which I wasn't counting on, but it is what it is. Anyone who knows me knows how much I loathe grocery shopping, especially when I already have a million and one things to do. Then I'll squeeze a shower in the mix somewhere, and go to pick up and cash my check from my other relief job.

Last but not least, the fun will start! My BFF and I are going to grab dinner at Denny's, and then see Boo! A Madea Halloween! Afterwards, we will imbibe on plenty of candy and other munchies. It will be a fun time! :D