Tuesday, March 5, 2019

March? Or Is It?

Well, it's March! Does it feel like it? Not in the least bit. It's a "balmy" 11 degrees out. Brr! Where are the 30s and 40s when we need 'em?

This month is full of exciting events.  First off, my next physical falls on Pi Day (3/14). Being the geek I am, I find that neat :) Then, the 19th is my FIFTH Autieversary! I can't believe it'll be a whole 5 years since I got the answers I had so desperately sought; the day everything was confirmed and I was given a title to claim as something that so described an integral part of me! I have a few movie dates coming up with my cousin and with two of my bffs (one to the Galleria and the other to Rochester) and my bffe and I are going to go to Erie at some point. On the 28th will be the Autism Services board meeting, and two days after that, it's someone's birthday! ;) I'm taking a long weekend, and my brother and I are talking about going to Cleveland or maybe somewhere a little closer to celebrate!

Next week, the weather is finally supposed to break. Come on, spring! :D