Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Settling into my own skin

Since diagnosis, I have identified different stages I've gone through:

1) The discovery stage: I now had a diagnosis, knew what was my identity, and where I stood. This was when I told the world my story and began my journey. Time to shout out that I'm an Aspie and proud!

2) Advocacy: Now that I was a newly diagnosed Aspie, I felt my point was to share as much of my own experiences and information as I could on the topic. After all, I want to help others like me, as well as others who may be questioning whether they're on the spectrum.

3) Proving Myself: This is kind of a continuation of the second stage. I had already spent a lot of time advocating, but I felt that I needed to keep on the subject. To raise as much awareness as possible. To show others what life on the spectrum is like, and how I work with my challenges and talents.

4) Settling into my own skin: I now realize that I've made my point, and helped others to learn a lot! It's at this point where I remember, "hey, I'm still the same ME I was before diagnosis." I've always been the same person; I just know through my journey that in addition to being a Sonic fanatic, animal lover, daughter, sister, and crazy goofball, I also happen to be autistic. It is very much a part of my identity, but not all there is to me. I can still post the cute animal pics and random goofy statuses I always have on Facebook! :)

This has been an exciting and insightful journey. I'm still learning more about myself every day, but I feel like I now have a balance, and know my niche. I have many parts to my identity. The most important thing is that they are all ME!

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