Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Thoughts while waiting to pass meds...

Well, it's kinda quiet at work and I've got about an hour before I pass meds. What can I write about that's intriguing and thought-provoking? Aha, how about some of the interesting stuff I've chatted about or learned from my peeps?

One of my peeps is a very well-learned person. Just from reading and gathering knowledge in their 70+ years, they always have a story to tell. I often come to work to hear anecdotes of years past. The World Wars. Various weapons that were used during those times. Old movies and the people acting in them. I even heard a story other night about a pet goat from years ago, and how the goat was once standing on a table in the living room!

A few weeks ago, someone brought up something I had forgotten about, but recalled as soon as they mentioned it. Does anyone remember those little plastic divers that used to come in a cereal box, that you filled with baking soda so they would dive in the bathtub? This person is about 35 years my senior, yet this timeless toy was still around when I was little, sometime in the late 80s.

Another one of my peeps is very spiritual. They have a very strong faith that keeps them going. One day I heard a story about George Washington, and how, contrary to the tale that involved him chopping down a cherry tree, that actually never happened. The history books never tell you they he actually only agreed to become the President as long as he was not given a salary for it. He was that humble. This person always gives me a blessing after morning medications.

So there are a few interesting tidbits of what I learn here at work. Hope you enjoyed :)

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