Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Yesterday was the know what that means! :)

It's Wednesday, January 20th, which only means one thing: yesterday was the 19th! Yes, my one year and 10 month Aspieversary! Two months and it will be TWO YEARS since my diagnosis. Boy, does time fly!

What have I been doing in the autism community lately? I've submitted a story to NAMI and answered a few questions for NPR. A few months ago, I did an interview via Skype, telling a little bit about my experiences. I still continue to be active in my Facebook groups and My Autism Team. It's so regarding to connect to other autistics and parents alike.

What do I hope to achieve this year? I'd like to maybe do some more videos and submit more pieces of writing to The Mighty. I'd like to take things a step up and be a more active advocate. I want this to be a meaningful year.

As I think about all I've learned about myself and autism itself in the past almost two years, I reflect with a sense of enrichment. I've come a long way. I've met many, many wonderful people in the autism community. I hope this year brings many good things to come! :)

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