Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Once again, it's Christmas Eve Eve! :)

One year after posting a blog about it being Christmas Eve Eve, it has returned once again! Boy does times fly....this time I'd like to talk about my family's holiday traditions. Christmas time is always an exciting one!

First of all, on Christmas Eve, we go to mass: my parents, grandma, brother and myself. Then we have dinner at my house. My mom cooks a mean roast, with plenty of yummy sides. After that, we have dessert, and then talk and watch Christmas movies.

On Christmas morning, we open presents and then eat a good breakfast. My grandma makes us a coffee cake every year which is always an integral part of breakfast. Then we relax and watch movies until it's time to go to my grandma's house. We feast in a turkey dinner, and then it's round two of presents. We enjoy my grandma's cookies and share memories and stories. Typically, I stay at my grandma's house for the night, however it looks like I'm going to have to work my usual overnight this year.

Well, that's our Christmas in a nutshell! What are some of your traditions?

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