Monday, March 7, 2016

Dreaming away...

So I've had some interesting dreams over the past couple days. It's typical of me to have out of this world dreams, but these ones took the cake!

I dozed off on the couch on Sunday night as the Democratic debate was on. I dreamt that my brother and I were at an event, listening to Bernie Sanders himself speak! It was a pretty neat dream, actually :)

On Monday night, things got a little weird. I took a nap before work. I first dreamt that my brother was going to get vapor fluid (he doesn't even vape) and he was telling me that Raven-Symoné worked at the vape store! I told him I wanted to go with him next time to meet her, lol!  Then, I dreamt that I was late for work due to having a panic attack. In this dream, I was scrambling at the last minute, grabbing food to take with me. As I called my coworker to let them know I was going to be late, I felt myself getting more and more worked up. I then got to work and there was a resident there who was fictional rather than someone I actually work with, who was in need of psychiatric help (i actually work in a group home for people with mental health diagnoses). For whatever reason, I started telling her that I was out of Abilify and hadn't taken it in almost a week (which is really the case, lol). I don't know what happened next, but I woke up and it was REALLY 11pm: time to be at work! I really was running late now! I rushed out to the car, called my coworker to let them know I was on my way, and got there in about 10 minutes. Unlike my dream, everything at the house was running smoothly :)  I told them how I dreamt I was late and then it actually happened lol!

Dreams are funny things, especially in my case. Sometimes I know they come from something that I was thinking about earlier that day, and other times, they seem to come out of nowhere. Either way, they sure make for interesting stories!

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