Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Two Whole Years?

Here it is, 11:37pm, March 29th, 2016. Less than a half hour left until my birthday. Exactly two years since I started this blog, since I shared my story with the world. A lot has happened since then, yet at the same time, it feels like just yesterday!

I remember when I decided to start this blog. I wanted to share my autism diagnosis with the world, and I thought "what a better way to do this than to start a blog?" I decided on the name "The Pieces Fit" because the day I was diagnosed, it was like a puzzle was finally solved as I got the answers I had so desperately sought. Everything made sense now!

In these past two years, I have had a full life. I have had multiple opportunities to share my story and advocate, and I've also had a lot of fun along the way! I got to know a wonderful group of people at the house I currently work at, and I strengthened my bond with those whom I've been working with at my relief job. This year marked 10 years since I started at Aspire of WNY!

As I look forward to my birthday, I think of what the year ahead has to offer. What advocacy opportunities may lie ahead. I'll keep on keepin' on being a voice for that autism community. I'll also enjoy each day. I gotta have fun! :)

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