Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Autism Acceptance Month!

April 1st has come around once again! Yes, it's that day where we try to pull one over on our family and friends for some laughs, but that's not what I'm talking about. It's the start of another Autism Acceptance month!

Even though it's often referred to as "Autism Awareness" month, I'd like to start calling it "Acceptance" instead. Why is this? Well, we already have plenty of awareness, and while we could definitely still use some more on that note, I like to focus on the fact that even more importantly than awareness, us autistics need acceptance.

It's one thing to recognize that someone is autistic, whether it be the child having a meltdown at the grocery store, or the person who is socially a little uncomfortable. It's another thing to offer to lend a hand, or to include someone! Autism acceptance begins when the world celebrates autistics for the people we are.

When autistics are accepted, we feel like we're part of a team. We don't feel alienated, or like we don't belong, but rather like we can still be ourselves with no shame in our game. We have a sense of belonging; that we are appreciated. Isn't that what every human being wants?

My method of celebrating Autism Acceptance month is to write blogs like this one, to shout out about how the world can accept our neurodiversity! I wish to advocate and educate others on how they can show their friends on the spectrum that they appreciate them. What will you do to raise Autism Acceptance?

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