Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Great Day!

Yesterday I decided to stop by Makes Sense, the autism supply store I've been talking about. I've been there once before this, and had the privilege of meeting and talking to the owner, who would like me to come in to speak to parents of kids on the spectrum! We talked about the weather, and how we're ready for it to warm up. She told me that the social groups are in the process of starting, and that someone will be emailing me about my opportunity as a guest speaker. I really can't wait for this. She also mentioned that there is someone who is a speaker and has written a book, that is interested in coming there one day as well. She said that she could actually lend me his book to read. When she brought it to me, I recognized the author right away: Kerry Magro! He has done a LOT in the area of advocacy. How awesome is that? I'll definitely be stopping back again soon :)

After that, I decided to stop by Clayton's Toys as it is right up the street, and a place I absolutely love. Upon walking through the door, there was a very excited little boy who accidentally knocked a sock monkey off a shelf, which I picked up. I immediately spotted a little stuffed kitty that I decided was to have a home with me. I browsed the many areas that contained arrays of stuffed animals. I then looked through some bracelets, and couldn't resist an amethyst one, and other little trinkets at the front of the store. The same little boy, his sister and their mother were checking out, and I overheard their mother say she was looking for things for her sensory box, as she was a teacher. She said something like "what can we get for our fidgety friend?" I piped in and said that I'm always on the lookout for fidgety toys. She then told me it was in her son's IEP to have some fidget time. I told her I was on the spectrum, and then she said, "so is he!." Imagine that, this little boy who reminded me so much of myself when I was little, was a fellow spectrumite :)  Their mother said that she often takes him to Clayton's as a reward for good behavior, as he thinks it's the best place in the world. I agreed that it's an awesome store! I then checked out and headed on my way. It was a great day!

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