Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Geekin' Out!

As I write this, I await for my Lenovo Ideapad to finish cleaning up my disk drive. My computer was seriously possessed by demons. Every time I would click on a link, a popup would result, saying my computer was infected, or something of the sort.

With the help of my bro, who is well-versed in Windows 7 and 8, my computer will now be popup free, and a lot of the junk will be cleared out! I'll be able to browse and click on things without worrying about a million popups!

Next comes one of my main motivators for getting a tuneup: updating my Nexus 5's bootloader! I noticed while trying to flash some of the most recent ROMs, that I would get an install error, stating that the file is supported by X bootloader while I had Y (I can't remember their actual names at the moment). So now goes one of my geekin' adventures....to get that latest bootloader! Fun times ahead :)

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