Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Autism Acceptance Month 2015!!!

Hello, everyone! It's that time of year again :) For this year's Autism Acceptance Month, I'd like to focus on the positives of autism. We all see and hear so much negativity attached to it, and it's time for me to shine a positive light on it, so here goes!

I was born unique. I have my own operating system. This all happened for a reason. I have a specific purpose, which I'm still finding and developing. I honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

I may have a horrible short-term memory, but my long-term is phenomenal. I was telling my mom yesterday how I remembered something that happened around my 12th, birthday, 20 years ago. I still recall my brother looking into the back seat of my mom's car and saying "look, a bag with a stuffed kitty!" It was supposed to be one of my birthday presents, and he spilled the beans :) It's amazing how I can remember stuff like that, yet I get appointment dates mixed up :P

I have a way with gadgets. Forget the manual; let me take things into my own hands! I'm also quite savvy in the Android realm. I'm constantly flashing ROMs, and I've "saved" my phone from what could have been a hard brick multiple times, through perseverance and determination.

I feel blessed to have the gifts I do. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I also know never to take anything for granted. Well, here's to an ausome month! :)

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