Tuesday, August 5, 2014

#aspieproblems and crummy days

Everyone has those days they wish they could fast forward through. Add to that the Aspie caveats of literal thinking and not thinking of things that cone to others with seemingly no effort. It makes for one crazy day!

Yesterday, I had to do a move for work. The movers were supposed to show up at 11am. Well, it got to be almost 1pm, and there was no sign of them. I called the moving company, and they said that since they had tried to contact the person I was helping to confirm and couldn't reach them because their phone had already been turned off, they hadn't sent anyone over. I immediately felt that it was my fault, as it never dawned on me to give them the person's CELL number or my own number, when I had arranged the move two weeks earlier. It should have come to mind that their phone was going to be shut off, naturally because it was being switched to their new place. But do I think of things like that? Of course not.

The move ended up being pushed until the end of the day, only their truck broke down and my person had to wait until this morning. I felt so at fault, like such a failure. Why don't things just occur to me that seem to occur to everyone else? I was feeling really down about this. After venting to Facebook friends, my best friend, my parents and my brother, I felt a lot better. They reminded me not to set myself up for failure by beating myself up. They encouraged me to tell myself I can do it!

I must realize and take ownership of the the fact that things are going to be a little harder for me than many others. It's part of the way I'm hardwired. Rather than let it get me down, though, I need to use it to make myself stronger, and chalk instances like these up as learning experiences. I may not have thought to give the cell number this time, but I'll surely never forget next time! I also need to recognize where I need help and go about asking for it. With the right supports, I can do anything! I'm Aspie Strong :)

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