Tuesday, August 26, 2014

On the inside looking out

It's been several months since my diagnosis, much of which I've been on a great journey. I've learned a lot about myself, and am still learning. I am realizing, however, that as much as I'm enjoying the ride, I need to look outside myself.

Yes, I've been talking a lot about my journey here and on Facebook. I've been wondering if I've been talking a little too much about autism, yet I'm tired of apologizing for myself and compromising what I feel is important at this stage of my life. As much as I worry about bothering others, it's also time I stand up and say what I feel. If I want to keep making autism posts, I'm going to.

Then a Facebook friend gently reminded me that there is more to life than autism awareness. At first, I became a little defensive, and said that this is very important to me, especially being recently diagnosed. My friend understood where I was coming from, and what they said resonated with me as well. Maybe it's not that I need to stop raising awareness and acceptance, but to look beyond myself and remember that there is a whole world put there!

You'll still see me posting about autism, but what I'd like to do differently is to not talk about myself and my journey all the time, but what YOU may want to know. That and I'll still keep mixing it up, adding my funny posts and adorable animal pics, cuz that's what I do :)

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