Sunday, July 27, 2014


We all know it. That urge to grab that candy bar. That really cool thing in the store that just calls our name to buy it. It's impulsivity, and some of us have it bad. With autism and ADHD, it can be an even trickier animal.

Food and money are my two biggest bears. I love to eat and love to buy. That wouldn't have anything to do with the fact I weigh 300lbs or live paycheck to paycheck, now, would it? It can be difficult for anyone. It's not an uncommon thing.

The thing is, I need to get better at it. I know that my brain's hardwiring makes it even more difficult to resist, but that's no excuse. It's simply a REASON I struggle, and something I need to get to know and learn to work with. I see something awesome, and my first reaction is, "ooh shiny!" and there goes ten bucks. That, or I'm bored and "let's go out to eat!" Boom. Another 20 bucks, and unnecessary calories. I need to find an alternative, that rubber band snapping at my wrist so to say, to stop me in my tracks. Ideas are appreciated! :)

Does anyone have any similar experiences?

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