Tuesday, July 15, 2014


While most kids go through this stage somewhere in their teens, I think I'm just entering it now at 31. I'm starting to really learn who I am. This has been a year of growth so far. I got my Asperger's diagnosis, and now I'm learning g a few things that I can tweak to better myself. I need not apologize for my opinions or for every little time I think I've stepped on people's toes. I need not to jump to conclusions, but rather hear people out first.

Blogging and reading others' experiences have been helping me to lean more about myself as well. I'm learning that it's ok to need and ask for help. I may try to be the one who fixes everything and helps everyone with their problems, but at the end of the day, I need help, too!

I really like that I'm able to let out my thoughts here and appreciate all the feedback I've gotten. The more I hear others' stories, the better! I'm finding that I discover more and more people having similar experiences to mine every day. Thank you for helping me to find myself :)

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