Monday, July 21, 2014

Stimmy toys!

I just picked up some fun, sensory toys at a really neat toy store in the area. I must say, they're very relaxing! I got "thinking putty," which is like Silly Putty but a little stronger. I love kneading it in my hands to help myself concentrate on what I'm working on. I also picked up a spiky pen, spiky ball, and another ball which is hollow and bumpy. The more I roll these in my hands, the calmer and more focused I feel. There are still a couple more things I want to get; one is called Bendeez, and is basically just a bendable stick you can fidget with in your hands. There's also Tangle hairy, which is similar to the Tangle I have, but imagine a fusion between Tangle and a Koosh Ball! :) What will they think of next?

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