Sunday, July 6, 2014

Yes, it is possible to be an Aspie and a social butterfly at the same time!

There's this misconception going around that just because one is on the spectrum, that must mean that they are antisocial or have difficulty socializing. This is not always true!

Take me for example. I never stop talking. After a recent family gathering, my parents told me I worked the crowd, talking to everyone there. This is how I've always been. I'm not shy, I love meeting new people and I'll talk forever. I do tend to talk a lot about things I like, but I'll also listen. I was at a friend's house for a movie night last night, with a total of 5 other people. I had a blast! I hadn't seen her since high school, though we talk on Facebook all the time. It was so good to see her, as well as other good friends and a couple new peeps! We all talked about hilarious things and I felt right at home. Socializing itself isn't an issue for me.

It's moreso the nonverbal communication that I struggle with. I can't read between the lines, so I have a hard time discerning whether or not someone is trying to take advantage of me. I'm oblivious to hidden motives. I interpret things so literally, it's uncanny. As for body language, I'm not really sure how well I pick up on it or express it myself. I'd have to take an outside look or receive input from others around me to know. I can't always tell when I'm offending or annoying others, so I assume the worst and constantly worry about this. I seek reassurance that I'm not, which probably in turn DOES annoy the person haha! I have this thing where I have to make sure the other person understands what I'm trying to say, and will repeat it and reword it until I'm absolutely sure they "get it."

So, there you have it. It's possible to be an Aspie, yet still be outgoing and love interacting with people! Everyone is different, and there are some who have a varying experience from mine, however I think I've debunked the myth that this is always the case. Do any other of you fellow Aspies have a similar experience?

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