Monday, July 14, 2014

Working With People

I love working with people. At my full-time job, I work as a Supported Housing specialist for people with a mental health diagnosis. I meet with them once per month or as often as needed, to address any housing concerns they may have, or for the occasional ride to an appointment. I work with a bunch of awesome people, whom I have learned a lot from. I enjoy meeting with them and like the fact that every day is different; sometimes I have visits, other times office work.

My relief job is at a supervised apartment for people with developmental disabilities. I've been there for 8 years now, and consider everyone there to be family. We do a lot of fun outings, and I help people work towards their goals. Again, I work with a lot of awesome peeps, and have been very fortunate to meet them.

I can tell this field is definitely my niche, and I've learned a lot about myself through working in it. I probably never would have discovered I have my own mental health struggles had I never gotten involved in this line of work, and I now realize why I establish a rapport so easily with people in the mental health and developmental disabilities communities: I'm a member of both as well! I hope to continue to help these communities throughout my life :)

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