Monday, April 21, 2014


People on the spectrum want what every human desires: to be accepted and included. While we may not care what others think of us, and don't necessarily want to "fit in" by trying to be like others per se, we want them to take us just as we are and show us we're worthy of their acceptance.

People are often afraid of what's different. They see someone who isn't like them, and rather than get to know the person, they avoid or ignore them. Sometimes people are so insecure with themselves, that the only way they feel better about themselves is to make others feel like less than them. It's really unfortunate.

The next time you're in lunch at school, or on break at work and are passing by that table where the kid or coworker who is a little unique is sitting, stop and sit with them. Talk to them. What seems "weird" at first might be a different take on the world that makes more sense than the majority of minds. Open your heart and step out of your comfort zone. Just listen. Show them that you're interested in what they have to say. You might otherwise be passing up the chance to get to know an awesome person!

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