Sunday, April 6, 2014

How was I supposed to know?

Sometimes people expect me to be psychic. "Why didn't you put that towel away?" I don't know...maybe because nobody asked me to and I didn't even realize anyone wanted me to! This can get aggravating at times.

Those of us on the spectrum need things spelled out to us explicitly. We don't always pick up on what seems to be the obvious for others. If you want me to do something, I ask that you simply ask me! I don't leave my dinner dish on the able or forget to push in my chair just to annoy you; it's just that sometimes I don't think of these things unless I'm told.

My advice to anyone who lives with someone on the spectrum is to let them know what it is expected of them. No one knows what someone else wants them to do unless they make it known to them. I try my hardest to live up to what is asked of me, but little reminders and direct instructions better allow me to do so :)

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