Sunday, April 20, 2014


Some people have a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder and nothing else. More commonly, there are other diagnoses that co-occur, hence the term "comorbid." Take Asperger's and add ADHD and OCD to the mix, and you've got me :P

There are a lot of overlapping traits amongst these three diagnoses, and I think that's why they commonly come in a package set. The ability to hyperfocus on things that interest us yet the difficulty focusing in things we need to be focusing on at the moment. The repetitive habits and regimented behaviors. The difficulty with executive functioning. These types of things co-ocurr often.

Right now I think my biggest bear is the ADHD characteristics. Executive functioning has never been my forte. I am easily sidetracked and have to push myself to stay on task. Adderall has been a great help, especially at work! My OCD is a lot more at bay than it was in early college. I was going through full-blown rituals at that time; not a fun experience. I'm thankful that I've gotten it more under control. I still have repetitive habits, but that's because the Aspie in me also comes into play. I like things to be a certain way. I'm fussy about textures. I tap on things or fidget as a stim, usually in certain orders.

Once again, would I change myself? Absolutely not. There are just as many gifts as struggles living with this collection of diagnoses. While anxiety runs high at times, I usually am able to get a handle on it with medications and calming myself with a good video game. On that note, Happy Easter to all! :)

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