Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ricotta cheese feels like fuzz in my mouth!

I know I discussed sensory sensitivities recently, but I feel food deserves its own post. Think of that food you can't stand. What is it about it? The actual taste? The feeling in your mouth? The smell? With heightened sensitivities, food can be an amazing thing, or an absolutely stomach-turning experience for someone on the spectrum.

The foods high on my fave list are pizza, chicken fingers, fries, and pizza logs. They're usually all I'll order when I go out to eat. The taste, texture, smell...EVERYTHING is just perfect. On nom nom! :)

Now on to the foods I think are absolutely nauseating. Ricotta chesse feels like fuzz in my mouth, and reminds me of baby spit-up, which is sickening. Roast beef tastes like soggy washcloths...the texture is just yuck! Sauerkraut tastes like sweaty socks, and smells rancid, probably because of the vinegar. Mayonnaise is something I won't go near with a 20-foot pole. It looks nasty, smells absolutely disgusting, and tastes terrible. You can see how vividly my senses perceive them!

So the next time you're out to eat with a friend, or want your kid to eat something and they're making a face at it, remember that they might be more sensitive to tastes, smells and textures than yourself. Or, if you notice yourself feeling this way about a certain food, let it be known that eating it would be an absolutely awful experience!

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