Thursday, April 3, 2014

But you look like a teenager!

Yes, I do. I've always looked young for my age. And acted young for my age. Part of it is my neverending enjoyment of being a kid. Part of it is because I'm on the spectrum.

Spectrumites tend to look and act younger than they are. Of course, this doesn't always hold true, as one person is vastly different from the next. It seems to be a more common theme on the spectrum, though. Why this is, a lot of people are unsure. Is is the genetic components of autism? Are there other traits tied to it that cause a more youthful appearance? No one really knows at this point in science. As for the being mentally and emotionally younger part goes, that could be a multitude of things. Autism impacts one's development in many ways. It may manifest itself in that one may be more naïve due to interpreting others differently. A lot of times, one is not in sync with what their peers are into, and they may not have a desire to be on board with them. While other girls were talking makeup and boys, I was content playing video games and collecting toys. This has not changed, and I'm 31! :) There are many possibilities out there for why one may come across as if they've found the fountain of youth!

Personally, I'm thankful for this. Do I like being youthful because of autism, or do I like being youthful because I'll always be a big kid? I'd have to say it's probably a little of both. Whatever the case, I'll embrace it full-force and you can find me at Toys-R-Us! :D

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  1. so me:) whatever the cause, i like being young and will stay a kid in mind (and body?) for the rest of my life. At least i intend to do so xD