Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Synesthesia...what the heck is that?

Do you associate letters with colors? Has the letter A always been yellow in your mind? Do sounds trigger a certain taste? If so, you experience a phenomenon known as synesthesia.

It's said that this occurs because of crosswiring in the brain. Different senses become connected to one another, so when one is triggered, another is simultaneously. It's really interesting!

For me, letters and numbers have always triggered a specific color in my mind. It's been that way as long as I can remember. Days of the week and months trigger a color as well. January is dark purple in my mind, for example.

This tends to be more common among us spectrumites. I've talked to others who have similar experiences. The brain sure is a fascinating thing!


  1. Interesting, I have never thought of it before, but I think I do this too, I guess I always figured it was normal, or never even thought about it at all.

  2. ditto to Charlotte. there is so much i consider 'normal' as it is a part of me and always has been, it's just like 'how it goes', it's not positive, it's not annoying, it's not anything. then sometimes it'll come up to someone, ill use synesthesia as the example since it's the topic here and an easy example in general for what im trying to/hope i get at, and theyll not only not agree they share that trait, but i cant even *convey* what i do that i consider normal to them and they just think im ultra confusing and make absolutely no sense. sometimes when it's my mom i consider it a lack of imagination on her part but have discovered it's a common issue with other folks too so i cant 'blame' her like i did when i was much younger and just like 'you dont understand me!' in an angsty teen sort of way, lol.

    but i also look at things like this as totally normal, even if it's something i dont experience first hand. who's to say something is 'abnormal' or 'different' or 'wrong' just because the mass majority doesnt experience it. literally everyone's brain is different so there will definitely be contrasts to how one problem solves or infers sensory input.

    might be why im interested in the use of drugs (not saying i condone it), and i mean both illicit and pharmaceutical). it gives your brain an interesting opportunity to experience something 'different' that it isnt normally wired to do, hence, an example, something as simple as going through your date book and adding events and crossing some off or leaving notes next to past events can be a completely different life experience. possibly more profound. possibly less. perception is so interesting.

    gosh i love brains, lol.

  3. the best part of this is i almost accidentally posted this via my mother's google account. she would have simultaneously cried, drug tested me, and taken me back to Brylin. lol. that is all.