Tuesday, April 8, 2014

But that shirt itches!

You're picking out an outfit for the day. You reach for a shirt. No, that one's too scratchy. On to the next. No, this one's a little too thick. Finally, you grab one that feels "just right." Soft enough, lightweight enough; COMFORTABLE. This is how us on the spectrum perceive things with our senses.

Any sense can be hyper- or hypo- sensitive. Take temperature, for example. You'll see me walking around in the middle of winter with no jacket. Why? It's because I seem to be hyposensetive to cold temperatures. I think nothing of walking around in 20 degree weather without a jecket so long as it's not for an extended period of time. On the flip-side, I can't hold a cup of hot cocoa for more than a minute until my hand feels like it's burning!

Some spectrumites are extra sensitive to lights and sounds as well. Me, not so much. This is a perfect example of how one person on the spectrum is vastly different from the next. This is just one area where my senses aren't tweaked in one direction or another. Some people can't be around bright lights or loud sounds without having a meltdown.

So, take a moment to think about this the next time you reach for a clothing item or hear a motorcycle cruising by. What you feel, see, smell, taste or hear is a totally different experience from someone else's, especially someone on the spectrum. It also means we are especially fond of some sensory things as well, such as that soft, fuzzy blanket or shiny necklace! :)

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  1. how i love soft fuzzy blankets ;) can't get enough of them hehe
    i really like your blog, thank you for explaining so much and helping me to understand myself more

    the hot/cold thing is completely the other side around for me. i have an empty cup of tea while everyone else is taking little sips to see if it's drinkable yet. but cold.. i can walk around with my hot water bottle all year round. so funny how these things differ and at the same time come down to the same thing: hyper- and hyposensitivity :)