Sunday, April 13, 2014

Who cares what they think?

I've never been one to care what others think. So my clothes may not match. My hair might be a little messy. I possibly come off as "weird." So what? I've always wondered why so many people care so much about these things. They're trivial to me.

So much of the world puts countless amounts of effort into making sure they fit society's standards. Why? This makes absolutely no sense to me. What is it going to get you if your clothes matched today? Does it really make a difference? It's what you do in those clothes that counts. There are people who are dressed to impress yet their behavior reflects otherwise. On the flip side, there are people who wear clothes that look like they've seen better days, and rather than focusing on fashion, they're out there making a difference helping others. In the long run, is it going to matter ten years from now whether or not you were the best dressed at your high school reunion, or on Easter Sunday?

And this whole notion of being what society expects us to. Being insecure because one doesn't have what the Joneses have. Fearing that they may come off as eccentric, so feeling forced to mask who they really are. Who comes up with this stuff? It will forever puzzle me. Thank goodness I never seemed to get the memo on "fitting in." I consider it an Aspie blessing :)

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