Friday, April 4, 2014

They would never...

You know how when you get to know someone, you become familiar with their personality traits and what to expect? You can say that this person always does this, or would never do that, and be confident in that you are right? Well, for those of us on the spectrum, this becomes a tricky area at times. We are usually honest and direct people who assume that the rest of the world is that way. We often fail to see outside ourselves and forget that others aren't always this way.

Because of this, people on the spectrum are easily taken advantage of. I was in a situation where I was friends with a girl who seemed like a really nice person when I met her in college, and years after. It wasn't until I knew her a little longer that the friendship slowly became anything but that. She began to con me into helping her with things, to the point I was eventually backed into a corner and it was either bite my tongue and help her, or tell her I couldn't and get cussed out. It was a catch-22. I was naive enough to give her a second chance after we had a falling out, and the same thing happened all over again. I learned a valuable lesson about not letting myself get taken advantage of in the future. It's helped me to keep my guard up, but I still have trouble recognizing when people aren't being truthful. It's part of the whole literal thinking and failure to read between the lines scheme of things.

I'm learning how to become stronger day by day, but I recognize that this is an area that needs work. I think a lot of spectrumites are in the same boat. Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

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  1. uh yeah i have been in this boat over and over again, even with the same "friend". i still have a hard time picturing her as someone who took advantage of me, instead of the friend i always thought she was until i found out she played the same tricks on someone else and i realized how hurtful it would be for that other person.