Monday, April 14, 2014

Aspie benefits

There are many benefits to being on the spectrum. While it does pose its challenges, there are many reasons I'm glad I wasn't born any differently. I'd like to make a list:

1) to quote a great song by The Dramatics, what you see is what you get. I'm honest, loyal and tell it like it is. I keep it real!
2) I have a song playing through my head at any given moment. It's like I have my own personal radio inside my head. Music keeps me going.
3) I don't care what others think of me. I have no concept of self-consciousness, and no shame in my game.
4) I take things as they are. I don't see gray areas or read between the lines. I'm accepting of people just as they are.
5) I'm unique. I'm not afraid to be a forever child. I like wearing a lot of bright colors. I like seeing the world from a different perspective.
6) I have a childlike innocence. I see the world through rose-colored glasses. I appreciate the little things.
7) I notice details. I can point out things that others may miss. This helps me to remember the most random things!
8) I have a zest for life as I experience it. The things I love, I'm very passionate about. You'll definitely know if I'm intrigued by something.
9) I want people around me to be happy. I like to be a mediator. I try to keep the peace
10) Most of all, I just like being me. I'm happy with the person I am, and wouldn't want to be any other way.

There you have it! 10 reasons why being an Aspie rocks! :)

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