Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Disability or difference

Do any of you, on or off the spectrum, view autism as a disability or a difference? I personally see it as just coming with a different operating system than most.

Some people arugue that it's a tragedy. I disagree. Everyone on the spectrum is born with different talents. Just because one may not have the words to say what's on their mind, doesn't mean that they have nothing to say! The person sitting in the cubicle over there who is very shy and awkward? Maybe they are coming up with an innovate new computer program.

Granted, not everyone will grow up to be Einstein; I don't think too many of us will. That doesn't mean one won't grow up to accomplish great things, no matter what they are! Life as one person knows it is life as THEY know it, is of much value and is just as important as the next.

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