Saturday, April 11, 2015


I may have written a blog about this before, but the topic came up and I even had a dream about it.  Do you associate colors with letters and numbers? You may have synesthesia, and AWESOME phenomenon in which two senses are linked.

For me, Friday is orange. It always has been. Just as the letter A is yellow and number 3 is light blue. What happens is that when you are born, the brain has connections that are typically "disconnected" by the time one is a little older. In people with synesthesia, some of those connections remain. This is what makes it possible to taste words, see music, or feel tastes. It's really neat!

Sometimes this can make things easier, other times it can be a bit of a challenge. Take being in school for example, and taking tests. There have been countless times where I can remember that an answer was a red word, but I just couldn't remember WHICH red word it was lol! XD This can be helpful when I'm trying to find a street, as street names have colors, too.

Do any of you experience this? What senses are connected for you?

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