Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gone so soon?

Wow, this autism acceptance month flew by, as all months seem to. I've made it a point to post my thoughts and experiences just about every, maybe save a few. What to write about now?

I guess I can end the month with this: autism is a different experience for each individual on the spectrum. No two of us are alike, just as is the case for all humanity. Some of us might appear to be neurotypical to the outside observer, while others have more obvious traits. These are both to be embraced! It's individuality that makes us all special.

In my mind, I was created just the way God wanted me to be, and for a reason. I've discovered that my purpose is to use my own experiences to help others in similar situations as I am, whether it be autism, ADHD or mental illness. I feel a special connection to the people with whom I work, because I experience some of the things they do.

To wrap this up, I'd like everyone to take a moment and think of something they're experiencing, that they can use to help someone in their shoes. Are you working towards something? Are you dieting? Are you trying to move out on your own? Are you going through a period of recovery? Take your experience and see how you can make an impact on the life of someone else! You will find the experience very rewarding, and there will be reciprocal effects. Peace out, peeps! :)

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