Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Understanding Asperger's

What does Asperger's mean? It means I have a different operating system. I see the world through a different lens. I interpret the world in a unique way.

My mind works a little differently than most people's. I don't always "get" what people are trying to say, as my mind picks up on the literal meaning of things first and foremost. I don't pick up on some of the social nuances or hidden messaged. Double meanings are tricky for me to process.

I notice things many others do not. I sometimes spot a small detail, while missing the big picture. I may not see how something affects things as a whole, before I see how a part of it is affected.

I feel things more strongly than the majority. I have aversions to bitter tastes. My clothes have to feel "just right," or else I'll reach for another outfit. Certain smells bother me, and even make me start to cough. I'm hypersensitive to heat and hyposensitive to cold. I'll go without a jacket in 20 degree weather.

Being an Aspie is an experience that one cannot fully understand unless they live it. While there are many of us out there, our experiences are all unique to each of us, hence the term "spectrum." My operating system is one I can call my own :)

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