Monday, April 20, 2015

Understanding Satire...or not

I've been having a lot of literal Aspie moments today, and I find it quite amusing! There are many a time when things go right over my head and I totally miss the other person's point. The thing that's tricky is how to distinguish between a joke or satire and the truth.

Take this article I just read, for example. It was about how someone is going to pierce their newborn baby's tongue, because it was a "tradition." As I read this and continued to see a lost of reasons why the mother wanted to do this, I became unnerved, and posted a comment to the person who shared the article, "this is utterly disgusting." I then saw another comment stating it was satire. It was? I had no idea!

Now onto another Facebook literal moment. Someone in one of my groups had posted a status asking what advice we would give a younger Aspie. I saw a comment that said "keep your head down, you're in for a bumpy ride." I replied "keep your head down?" confused. The person then said they were being sarcastic. Again, I couldn't tell! XD

So there's just a glimpse into life in my literal mind. I don't always take things the way they are meant to be taken, and on the flip side, others take things differently than I mean for them to come off. If you are ever joking with me and I seem confused, assure yourself it's just my Aspie mind at work! :)

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