Monday, April 13, 2015

What I would like others to know about autistics

If I could tell others what I would like them to know about autistics, I could come up with so many things. Autism is a wide spectrum, and along it, people have many gifts. There are a lot of "ingredients" that make up an autistic. I'll talk about a few of them here!

First of all, we have a lot to offer. Where do you think we'd be if it weren't for some of the ideas and inventions of our predecessors? There are a lot of gifted autistic minds in the world.  We also have a passion for what interests us, and can harness this in the work field. We can be an asset to our employer.

Autistics can be great friends, as we are typically honest and loyal people. Once you befriend us, be prepared to have a lifelong pal. It takes a lot to discourage us, and we want to be there through thick and thin. I try my best to do just that for my friends.

We can be compassionate people, especially towards others like us. A lot of autistics are proud advocates who want to make the world a more welcoming and better place for our fellow spectrumites. I personally love working in the mental health and developmental disabilities fields, because I know I'm helping people. I've also gotten to know a lot of awesome people in the process :)

We are sensitive. We want so badly to be there for others, that we are often taken advantage of. Please recognize that just because we are genuine, does not mean we should be manipulated. We also take things to heart. I, for one, am easily upset when my feelings have been hurt. It can lead to a meltdown. Once I'm reassured, I bounce back to my cheerful self!

We need support and understanding. Please listen to us. If you want to know more about autism, who else to go to besides an autistic? We are often experts in our own field. Let us tell you what we need, and at the same time, presume competence. Some of us may need more support than others, of different kinds of support, and that's ok! If there's anything else you'd like to know, just ask :)

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